Friday, November 16, 2007

the first adventures of incredible you.

Although Cole is too young to know the magic of reading a book about his life and the incredible adventures it will present, all interlaced with perfectly personal details {including his favorite park, his ball team and the street where he will most probably ride his two wheeler for the very first time}, it had me at the dedication page.

The story starts,
"The day you were born was a dream come true. It began the lifetime adventure of incredible YOU. March 19, 2006, was the special day of your birth- the day Cole Bradley Burgoyne arrived on this magnificent earth. You were funny and bright in your very own way, which is why it was certainly no ordinary day."
The pictures are vibrant, the details and personalized additions- flawless, and the idea of a book my son will grow up believing was written especially for him- priceless. It brought out the sentimental in me.
"Celebrate the stars, the moon, the flowers and trees, the animals, the sunsets, the rain showers and bees. Soak it all up, breath it all in and see all that you can see! For this is your life, Coley, and what an incredible one it will be!"
It's very well done and I'm excited to gift one in the future. Custom Made for Kids. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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