Monday, November 5, 2007

holiday dresses for baby.

"I am handcrafting all of the gifts we are giving this year...but now I am in need of a beautiful but fresh baby girl's dress {size 9 months} for Christmas. Have any ideas?"

Hi Ashley. This was a fun search. With one son, I obviously am not searching for beautiful dresses very often. I really appreciate unique but equally fresh and pretty. I hope that some of these suggestions help.

egg cable knit dress:

oeuf wide stripe charlotte stripe dress: $88
{I also really like the oeuf sophie dress}

kice kice bump dress: $78

oilily solas floral twill dress: $85

boden velvet dress: $40

Any other ideas?


  1. Thanks for the suggestions :)
    I will definitely be checking them out!!

  2. Have you seen Flour Clothing on etsy? I've been watching this shop lately. Cute baby dresses - and she even has a fall/winter line. Here's her flickr site:

    Flour Clothing

    My favorite is "My Little Winter Wrap"


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