Tuesday, November 6, 2007

one lil' cupcake.

I think I should lay it out on the table: I just can't do the extra large flowers and/or bows in my {future} little girl's hair. I like them simple and sweet {I'm a sucker for cupcakes!}. One Lil' Cupcake is my kind of clip: {small!}, hand-stitched, colorful and creative; something to add a touch of girl without the life sized magnolia.

All snap clips are sewn inside two pieces of felt, making it safe for sensitive heads and doable for fine hair. Better yet- any clip can be customized into a big girl clip or made with different color combinations by emailing Faith, the mom behind the business.

Shop today for free shipping with the purchase of 4 clips. Aside from the obvious holiday options {because I can give in to the occasional matchy, matchy}, the blue dove is my idea of darling.


  1. Those clips are so darling. Love them!

  2. You say that now (about the bows and flowers) but just you wait. I said the same thing but there is something about a little girls head that need a giant bow every once in a while.
    I love these non-giant hair clips:

  3. I agree with Janae...I swore I would NEVER put the huge things on my baby girl....BUT now I make them for her and people swarm to my house for me to make them for their baby girl too! Everyday wear...I am all over the small little cupcakes...but once in a while, only the big stuff will do!

    my baby girl...


  4. Oooh.. I love the tomo and edie pins. Thanks! And Kati- your little girl is very sweet. Maybe I'll eat my words if there is a little girl anywhere in my future. I'm just not sure it's ME.. but I'll keep you posted. :)

  5. Thanks for pointing us to one lil' cupcake. I ordered the turkey clip for Hailey. It's perfect for Thanksgiving.

  6. Ok, I love the clip, but what if my 1 year old still has NO HAIR?!
    My other two didn't have hair until they were almost 3. I was completely like you before I had them, but then I got sick of everone thinking my girls were boys. So, gradually the bows have gotten bigger and pinker and frillier!
    I saw a cute pink feather puff headband at Nordstrom yesterday and was tempted to buy it even though it was $$$! :)


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