Monday, November 12, 2007


I look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving even for the fact that both holidays give me a great reason to go buy pumpkin spice candles so that my house can smell and feel festive. Is anyone with me? The Henri Bendel collection has been a long time favorite of mine {cinnamon bark and fig are ultimate holiday smells for me} and at times I could probably even consider myself a collector- with a lit {fancy pants} candle in every room of my home. It's peaceful. I like peace.

But it's understood that toddlers rearrange our lives in more ways than one. I don't mind.. although this year has become a first where I need to find an alternative to burning candles. Cole climbs and Cole is curious and the combination of the two is frightening.

The answer is Scentsy: a wick {and soot} free candle. You still get the highly-scented wax {available in 80 fragrances} that come in cube form and melt on an electric warmer. "Scentsy Warmers melt wax at a lower temperature so there is never any danger of burning children or pets." It is pretty ideal. And I can guarantee that there is likely to be a style and scent for nearly everyone {their selection isn't lacking}.

Scentsy works through consultants and I found a very nice one. Go here for orders and contact information. {Thanks, Katie!}


  1. I was actually going to email you for festive house smelling ideas. you beat me too it! thanks!!!

  2. I'm definately with you! I love making it smell like a holiday in my home. This week I bought some cinnamon pine cones and placed them around the house... yum. So, far the Salt City Candles have been my favorite. I'll have to give these a try.


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