Friday, November 2, 2007

a slice of modern parenting:

Maybe you've noticed a bit of deep cleaning around here? This blog makeover has been a long time in the works... and after a 2:30am bedtime last night {yes! I'm crazy.. or a perfectionist?}, we're presentable. It feels a bit like seeing yourself after a great hair cut or finding the pair of jeans that truly fit or losing that post-baby mid-section looseness-- you're feeling a lot more like you finally {or again}!

No worries. The content will stay the same. But there are some exciting new features that will make your visits to Tangled and True a little more navigable.


We have pages! No more mumbo-jumbo in the sidebar. What's Tangled and True all about? Who's Kelli? How can you contact me? Interested in the virtual baby showers? or advertising? Just click on the appropriate link and read away. It provides a little more breathing room. Feels better, right?!


Finally.. a
button! Tangled and True is now easy to share and easier to access. Spread the word. You know what they say about an "apple a day". It's good for you.
Simply copy the code in the sidebar and enter it into your own template. Email me with any questions.
*p.s. do you have an old button? Out with the old! Replace the previous code with the one currently in the sidebar and presto: you're in the club in seconds.


Although this isn't a new feature, but rather an invitation, let's talk. Tangled and True loves comments. Readers want to know about what other readers think. Companies love the feedback. I crave a bit adult interaction. Don't be bashful. Just true {albeit nice.. please}.


Ask Tangled and True.
You ask and I'll answer the best I know how. And if you're okay with being published, I'm always excited to post questions from you, the reader, for others to share. Plus.. who doesn't love an email?


Are you liking the look? Ashley at Studio 525 delivered! Check her out for your own makeover.


Let me know what you think. Typos? Suggestions? Something missing? Can't wait for more?

And as always, we can always become friends. Join Tangled and True friends {email list with monthly updates: product discount codes, giveaway reminders, or the latest fantastic news from yours truly}. Email with "friends" as the subject.

Happy Friday!


  1. Kelli, I like the new fresh look. :) Good job.

  2. LOVE the new look. and my button is updated. you're doing a great job! you're solo now, right?

  3. looks great! I love it!! very fresh and new.

  4. love the new look. very fresh, new & modern. lots of fun! thanks for keeping things lively.

  5. Beautiful work! Please, try to get some sleep this weekend--you deserve it (and probably need it too).

  6. Kelli, you've outdone always! I love the new look.

  7. Kelli, I love how the design turned out! It looks great. :) I'm sorry that we didn't get to see you guys at all this weekend. If you are around during Christmas, we should plan a get together at Sundance...nice warm hot coco out on the deck overlooking the beautiful mountains. Ahhh, nothing sounds better. Hope to see you guys soon.


  8. bianca,

    we were so bummed. we spent 6 hours in salt lake hoping to make it to your cd release.. but cole ended up having a meltdown and an hour before the show we started heading home.

    sundance sounds perfect. let's plan on it!


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