Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Today was the start of several moving days. {i.e. A lot of boxes, tape, back aches, vacuuming, late nights, etc. ...} I'm going to be out of commission tomorrow and Friday. Please forgive me for the void of posts and thank you for understanding. :) Happy weekend. -Kelli


  1. oh let me know how it goes! WE will be doing the same really soon!!! good luck!

    Sarah Jane

  2. It must be goin' around- We're moving too! Best of Luck!!!

  3. Hi Kelli,
    I've love your blog! You have such great taste! My sister (Ashley from Studio 525) showed your site to me and I've been on it every day since.

    I've been bugging my husband to set up an Etsy shop. We're just working on getting some extra cash to print his art and once that happens, we'll start up a shop.

    Good Luck with the move...

  4. Kelli,

    Hope the move went well! And Abbey and Matt are right -- you have great taste and a fantastic blog.



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