Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Obuba is the only nursing cover I know of that offers full coverage without skimping on style.

This ultimate nursing cover-up covers the mom's front and back in soft 100% cotton-- making it a comfortable experience for mom and baby with complete privacy and true luxury. And since the mothers behind Obuba understand the importance of their product complimenting a mama's lifestyle, the wrap comes pretty {with several color and and trim options- my favorite featured above} and versatile. Per Obuba themselves, the wrap is meant to take the form of carseat under cover, carseat shade cover, headrest and/or blanket in addition to the nursing coverup. Now that's simplification. {I'm fully supportive of a slim diaper bag.}

100% machine washable and new mother approved.


  1. Hi Kelli!
    Tangled and True is looking better than ever! I just added the button to my blog, Thanks!
    This nursing cover-up (or as my friends here call it: "Hooter Hider") is awesome, but I'm proud to say I finally weaned Kora. She's 13 months now.

  2. I LOVE this! Mine is on its way!


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