Thursday, November 15, 2007


Cole has watched less than a handful of children's shows {tv, dvds, etc.} in his lifetime. {How many Oprah clips he's seen is another story...} He just isn't the type to sit still. Never has been. I like that about him. So, when we received the award winning Taste My World DVD of Braincandy's "5 Senses" series, I was beyond skeptical.. not only of something being able to hold his attention long enough to prove itself, but of a video that might be, like the rest of them, promising to turn my kid into a little genius.

I'm usually not such a fan of surprises, but this one was pretty brilliant. My son sat on my lap throughout the entire video. He was captivated. And instead of trying to turn my child into something, Braincandy provides an experience for learning: real kids engaged in sensory-based activities {in this case, tasting} + fun multi-genre music + decent animation + a gang of silly puppets representing each of the 5 senses. Mojo Mouth is the star of Taste My World.

Let's just say that Cole now understands yummy and yucky {one of the activities in the dvd} and uses it when he doesn't want to eat chicken. That's genius.

DVD titles include: See My World, Touch My World, Hear My World, Taste My World, and Smell My World. Braincandy products are available at Borders locations nationwide as well as and

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