Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wash, Rinse and Lotion

It has been so windy here. I realize that 55 degrees and wind does not equal cold for you two, but when you've been living in a 65 degree winter, that's chilly. And the wind is hard! Lindsey, how do you take the tube with that little girl of yours? I remember when I moved over there, the wind walking in and out of the tube station was colder than arctic.

Anyway, this weather has got my hands thinking. And maybe you already have this in your homes. I didn't though. Not only should a sink have a soap and possibly an anti-bacterial rinse, it should also have a lotion. A lotion that doesn't leave your hands sticky and maybe a bit too "after an evening bath smell." It needs to leave your hands refreshed and clean.

I like these from Williams-Sonoma. Lemon for the kitchen. Am I think only one that associates lemon with kitchens? Grapefruit or Orange for the guest bathroom and Almond or Lavendar for the master suite.

I don't have them right now. I had them after we got married and sadly have not returned. I wanted them tonight through. My hands are chapped.


  1. A couple week ago my hands were chapped too. SO, I did the same thing. I got some nice handwash and lotion. It's my ritual now and my hands feel much nicer. I've never tried Williams and Sonoma, but I have no doubt they are wonderful. I like Molton Brown which is a nice brand too and they have wonderful smells. I know they have US stores, but it is a London company. http://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/us/index.html
    I'm with you on lemon for kitchens, but I've also branched out to lime. I love lime for kitchens now. Lavendar is in our shower.

    It has been FREEZING here. It snowed last night, but it's already disappearing.

  2. mmm. I love their soaps too. I love that store. Anything in it.

    Another lotion I'm in love with: Fresh. (www.fresh.com)


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