Monday, January 22, 2007

Security Blanket

I think we are all past this point in our baby's lives. But, for our seconds? Once I stopped swaddling Ave, I could tell that she needed a blankie to help her feel safe and secure. She had her binky, but she needed something else. I gave her a t-shirt that I used to wear to bed for a while, but I worried about giving it to her at night due to the potential suffocation risks.

She has one of these now. Little Giraffe security blanky. And she loves it. She wrestles it while going to sleep and she finds it in her bed if she happens to let go of it. One side is soft chenille and the other is a lovely satin. We have it in pink. I will definitely be buying one of these for our second baby.

What do your babies use?


  1. I love Avery's blankie. Cole uses a blanket or "blankie" as well. (
    It was a gift from my good friend, Jennifer, and we love it!
    He doesn't hold on to it while he's sleeping, but I have to put it by his cheek for him to be comfortable enough to fall asleep easily.

  2. Isobel doesn't have a security blanket. I tried to make her have one, but she just didn't become attached to one more then the other. Actually, she does really like this one my aunt made her - it has satin edging that she likes to lick. Maybe that would have helped her sleep better. Hm. I love both your blankets. Kelli, I assume it's the "blankie" one. Looks v comfy.


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