Monday, January 29, 2007

kate spade

I love cute stationary.

I meant to make and send birth announcements after Isobel was born. Life was so crazy the first few months that I never got around to it. Maybe I should have just settled on some cute cards like this one below and stuck a photo inside. Oh well. Next time, right?
And I thought I would share some cute yet overpriced bibs.


  1. Very cool Lindsey. I really like the first notecard. That would be perfect for a baby announcement. It would make life a lot easier on us...although it gave me something to keep me busy when I was eagerly anticipating Cole's birth. (making announcements)

    What is the website?

  2. Don't worry..I found the website. Missy, are you still looking for Christmas stockings? If you go to, go to sale, go to accessories--they have great knit stockings on sale in 4 different colors for $38. Hmmm.

    I always wish that I would have thought of things like those simple bibs she's selling for $25. They are great. But $25 for a bib? A bib is for stains.

  3. I like the first notecard too. I also really wanted to do announcements, but those first few months...I was with you there Lindsey. I should've done them before her birth I guess.

    I am looking for stockings, but something in me has a strange desire to MAKE them. I have no idea how, but maybe I should start figuring out how right now. Thanks for the link Kelli. Loved those ones.

  4. Missy, my sister in law made us stockings and got the kits from pottery barn. they are so cute. Maybe they have some on their website in the clearance section?

    Kelli, $25 for a bib is ridiculous. I guess she can do that because she is Kate Spade, but please.

  5. Missy, they don't have the make your own stocking kits, but here are some cute ones on sale for $10 - half off.


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