Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mess Maker

I couldn't even clean the kitchen day. No more then 2 minutes of loading the dishwasher and a little someone was scurrying around the corner and headed for her favorite cupboard. I need cupboard locks, pronto.

It dawned on me this morning that my daughter is at that stage. The stage where playing involves tipping over her basket of toys and then moving on within seconds to more interesting tasks. Her favorite room is the kitchen right now - the most baby-unfriendly area in our flat.

So, yes, she is opening cupboards and pulling everything out of them, ripping pages out of magazines and books, scouring the family room for cords and outlets (that we have covered), crawling into the bathroom to attack the toilet brush (sick, I know and which has now been thrown out)…in short – she is making messes. Everywhere she goes.

And sucking everything of course. Because you can’t hold an object without putting it in your mouth. At one point she was sucking on a used match. Where did this come from? Why is there an old match within her reach? Why is the old match not in the garbage? I have no clue.

I'm getting nothing done and I can't stand a dirty home.

She's napping, so I should probably finish that kitchen now.


  1. We aren't there yet. We're just beginning the scooting, twisting on the tummy. I guess I have a "late" crawler.
    Maybe you can put some interesting toys (for only the kitchen use) in a bottom drawer that she'll be amused by and keep her distracted from the other things in the kitchen. Is that even possible? Kelli might have some better ideas for this stage.

  2. Thanks for the tips.

    Missy - That's a good idea about putting some baby-safe kitchen toys in a drawer. right now she is so obsessed with this one cupboard, so i finally took this wooden bowl she was getting into every time and sat it on the carpet with random things in it. She was over it...and back to the cupboard. Until I get cupboard locks I will just fill it with baby-safe stuff.

    I think the scoot is so cute. You should video Ave scooting. I love when babies do that. Late schmate. There is no such thing. I'm still annoyed thinking about that health professional woman who called you the other month.

    Kelli, yesterday and today were the worst. I would just start doing the dishes and she would come around the corner. I had to put our footrest in front of the doorway, but that leaves the coal in the fireplace vulnerable, so I had to move it back. I close the room to the bathroom for sure. Learned my lesson when she was crawling all over the toilet brush (have to have one in england...). She does enjoy measuring cups and wooden spoons - I failed to get those out today...I'll let you know about the locks. Thank you! It can be difficult and impossible to find the most necessary things in the city. I have one idea of where they could be, but we'll see for sure.


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