Friday, January 19, 2007


This is a flo. And I will be purchasing one today. We don't have a bath seat and Avery doesn't shower. She's always been really accomadating with letting us lean her back and wash her hair, clean her bum, rinse her face. Not lately though. She's decided that she needs to play with her tub toys: the boat that when you pull the string it shoots off across the glassy water or the letters or the stacking cups or Dora the Explorer. She's decided to shriek until we sit her back up so bathing her has become a tag-team affair.

"You lean her back and I'll rinse the shampoo out."
"Keep singing Popcorn Popping until I can get all the dried green beans off her face."

I think this will work. Meet her halfway and turn the tub water on so she's distracted. A flo. I'm excited.

1 comment:

  1. That DOES look great. And besides its funcionality, it just seems a lot safer to have that on the faucet.

    I know...I'm on this blog too much already. I just put Cole down for his morning nap and I couldn't resist. I better go get ready.


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