Friday, January 26, 2007


I know life with baby is about a lot more than "nice things" and fashion. But it really makes the experience a lot of fun, right! I'm really excited that pretty soon we will advance past the crib shoes and have to purchase the real deal...with soles. This opens a world of options and pretty cool ones at that. Unfortunately, Vans slip-ons are a little large for Cole right now, so we might have to start with either these:

or these: (for the Burgoyne in him.) Both are sold at
My favorite picks for the baby girls: (the girl version of my #1 pick, of course)
and...these. (how can you resist?)
I love shoes.


  1. Love the Lacoste ones. Could they get any cuter? Devin would probably fall over if I came home with a new pair of shoes for Ave though.

  2. I am a Puma person. I love Pumas period. I love the Lacoste ones too.


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