Monday, January 22, 2007

Teething Tablets

Kelli, I am so sorry that the week has been rough. I can only imagine. Six teeth? Cole is more than just efficient. He's like a teething workaholic that can't stop what he's doing to save himself. We will hope that they break through fast and have a ounce of relief time before more pop up.

Avery has one tooth. Her lone bottom right one that has cut through and started to rise. I can see her other bottom one starting to cut and it seems to be bugging her a little bit. I've been using the Hyland's Teething Tablets. And I think they work. Try them. They are all natural. I had Devin try one because I wanted to be sure that they didn't taste bad for her. He said it's like chalk and dissolves fast. I feel comfortable giving them to her during the day and before bed without worrying about her being on medicine all day. I don't think we're to the point that Cole is at, so maybe his pain is too strong for these. But, try them. They're worth a shot. I think they're working for us.

Here is the "Indications" from the label: A homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to cutting teeth.

I like these better than the idea of the teething gel. I've read the gel can numb their swallowing and reflux sensation even if you only put it on the gums.

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  1. thanks. Brad is going to pick some up tonight after work. Hopefuly they'll help!


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