Friday, January 19, 2007

changing diapers...

is fine when it’s your own child. Or if the baby is just on milk – and therefore the diapers exude a sweet smell. BUT – changing a 2-year-old’s poopy diaper this afternoon made me kind of dry heave. I’m not even exaggerating.

It was like this little girl saved all her poo for me. In four hours she went three separate times. The first time, I didn’t allow myself time to think about her feces. I grabbed the diaper and wipes and went to work. Towards the end my throat jolted forward, beyond my control.

The second time, I put it off – which made it worse. And when the two-year-old brought me a clean diaper, I realized I couldn’t deny her a clean bottom. That’s just wrong and probably a form of abuse. The throat sensation occurred, again.

The third time, we had 20 minutes until her mom would be back. I couldn’t do it again. Just couldn’t. So we waited for her mom to discover it.

That’s my experience today. That other children’s poo, notably when they are two and have adult poo – makes me nauseous.

I’m so sorry to share this with you. Seriously. I’m sorry. Especially in the midst of Kelli’s adorable, must-have things.


  1. Oh! I couldn't handle that. There is such a huge difference doing the "nasty" for somebody else's child!
    That's why I avoid babysitting unless it's for family or close friends.
    (Sounds horrible, right?)

  2. I love it. The mom comes home and she says, "Uh-oh! Are you poopy?" Lindsey acts surprised? "Oh, she must have just gone! I didn't smell it." Classic.


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