Friday, January 19, 2007

harmonious space:

I definitely don't claim decorating or design maven, but I do really enjoy both. This is definitely a plus have having the opportunity to spend more time in my home: I can make it a cleansing and refreshing haven.

I love the idea that the subtle us of light, color and mirrors gives a breath of fresh air. (Detox for Life, Josephine Collins) And I've always relied on the essential "quick fixes":
-Lighting (lamps, candles)
-Mirrors (I really like Missy's idea of hanging a mirror with a ribbon.)
-Personal Pictures (and I LOVE frames!)
-Plants (anyone good at gardening? I would love to find indoor plants/flowers that could survive my winter)
I have always "changed things up" with new throw pillows...maybe when I move into a new home.. or for those who live a more stable life, every year or two. I LOVE Color. And I think that choosing two or three main colors for your home and then adding accent colors with pillows, for example, set a tone and show personality.

But most importantly, I think accessories make a home unique. Make a home "you" rather than a Pottery Barn display. Here are three of my favorite ideas:
1. Hang unique decorative plates on your wall. I just buy the $.50 plate hooks from the hardware store:

"pen and ink" dessert plates, Anthropologie, for example. (although I like a little more color...just couldn't find a good example online)

2. Find great containers/jars and fill them with unique objects that coordinate with your color scheme. For example, coffee beans, rice, or playing dice. I also like to use square vases and add nuts with shells, limes, or fresh cranberries.

3. Books. I love to stack my favorite hard cover books throughout my house. Not only does it tell more about me and my interests, it makes a perfect prop for a picture frame or candle to add height variety.

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  1. I love stacking books too. And I stack some of my cute recipe books and put the cookie jar on top of it. It's been empty though and I love the coffee bean idea so I think I'm going to do that this weekend! Thanks for the ideas Kelli.


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