Thursday, January 18, 2007

the genius of nature

I was telling Brad last week that our next vacation needs to be a "spa getaway." Maybe wine country in Northern California to keep it practical...close to home.

One side of me loves to be rough and adventurous and to be okay with dirty clothes and head injuries. (Or taking a big enough risk where that is a very good possibility.) I pride myself in owning Chacos and having an entire closet full of "camping" or outdoor gear, and getting reward points from R.E.I. Another side of my LOVES being pampered and knowing all the white glove etiquite. That's the side of me that doesn't mind oversized white tericloth bath robes and monthly pedicures (some day!) and...a spa vacation.

Until then, luxury comes from one of my favorite companies. A huge part of my night routine has become a late night bath. It has to be hot and it needs to be Ginger Float.

It has some ingredient that makes my skin tingle and does the same for my soul. Rejuvinating..and "skin-softening" without the oily layer floating on top of the suds.

Sometimes, I'll exfoliate my feet (it feels too harsh as a general body scrub) with Ginger Body Scrub.

I'm still a fan of Jergens body lotion and finish "bathtime" with its application.

Finally, I wash my face with either Checks and Balances frothy face wash from Origins or Aveeno's Positively Radiant cleanser.

A couple of times a week, I apply Biore's self-heating mask which feels amazing and banishes shine and oil and complete the pampering with A Perfect World: antioxidant moisturizer with white tea.

Sounds perfect, right? If I'm going all out, I just need C.O. Bigelow's breath freshening Mentha Lip Shine. (a reasonable comprimise between good mosturization and not too much gloss.)

Ta-da! My body is "healed" and I can go a little longer before I find myself here or the like.


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read simply because I need good facial products that I can count on to not make me break out and that someone else has tried and trued.
    Maybe we could meet you up in Nor Cal. I could use a spa day for sure.

  2. A spa getaway is one of my dream vacations...I would love to try Biore's mask and A Perfect World moisturizer.


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