Saturday, January 27, 2007

Simple Fun

Ok, I'm posting this in hopes that your babies will think it is funny too. I remember my niece Eden laughing at this simple fun too so I tried it with Avery and she giggles just as much.

Make a peace sign with your fingers and the index and middle finger "walk." This is the little man. And the little man is coming to get your baby. Walk your fingers all around their legs while chanting "here comes the little man" or something else creative.

And maybe we shouldn't be saying "little man" - maybe I should say the silly baby or something so I don't instill bad thoughts into her head about little men coming to get her. But, she laughs when I {ie: the little man} tickle her tummy.

Maybe it's just Avery and Eden (my niece). Let me know.


  1. this is what it's all about, Missy! simple. fun. creativity. you always have good ideas...

  2. There is no better sound than a baby's laugh! She loved it. Thank you, Missy!


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