Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lets talk about sleeping, again.

Isobel is actually sleeping pretty decent these days. She is sleeping through the night a few times a week (hooray!) and other times she wakes up early in the morning like 5ish and then goes back to bed. I'm satisfied with this.

Her naps are alright too. But, I still have a question.

So some kids just go straight down. They see their bed, their mom lays them down and they instantly adhere to the routine. Like my nephews. However, lately my daughter cries for a few minutes - sometimes a 5-10 minutes before allowing herself to fall asleep. Do your babies do this, or are they past this. We do have times when she just snuggles into her bed and blankie and doesn't make a sound. Its more often the opposite.

Sometimes when we walk into her room and I draw the curtains, she already starts protesting. What do your kids do when its sleep time?

Another question: Kelli, how are you guys doing? Is Cole feeling better?


  1. I always wonder WHEN we're going to get over our sleep issues. I'm so glad I have you guys to bounce ideas off of because...not too many people understand.

    Cole definitely does better during his morning nap than anything else. (This isn't true lately, but understandable.) BUT for his afternoon nap and falling asleep at night, I'll follow his routine: turn on music, lay him down with blankie and binkie, and leave the room with the door open. Sometimes it will take...3 times (or more) going back in to lay him down and retrieve the thrown binkie. But even if we have to go back into his room, I don't take him out of his crib; I fix the "problem" and leave quickly.

    What's reassuring is...I know that he knows how to fall asleep on his own. He's done it quite a bit. New issues always come up and start this non-sleeping cycle all over again. (teeth, sickness, traveling..) So, when are they going to get over this?

    Lindsey- Cole is still sick. Yuck! It seems like he's slowly getting better, but still quite miserable. (And Brad is out of town for 1 1/2 weeks.) I think I'm coming down with the sore throat, cough, etc.

  2. Oh no, Kelli. Being sick and not having a partner to help you out is horrible. Let us know if we can do anything at all to help. I say, stick with his meds. That will give him some relief at least!

    Ave hasn't cried for a nap in a while and when she does, I know something is up. But, I would venture to guess that it might be Isobel wanting to stay up and play. Babies will fight sleep in order to stay up with you. Makes sense...they want to have fun, but if you don't at least give them "quiet time" they will end up an overtired, wired baby by 5 o'clock. That's what my pediatrician said at least. But, the times that Avery doesn't fall asleep, I've noticed, is when I keep her up too long.

    Does she fall asleep after the little bits of crying? The difference may be that Avery has her binky so she doesn't really ever cry. Did Iz ever take to the binky?

    I don't think we are to the point where Kelli is b/c Ave has only sat up twice and doesn't pull herself up yet. So, she will sometimes fall right asleep after I lay her down and shut her door or other times I'll hear her playing/rolling for a while and then it will be quiet. When I keep her up too long between naps, it is harder for her to fall asleep for the afternoon nap. I've learned how long she can stay up in the morning and between afternoon nap.

    This morning, Avery knew it was nap time and whined for a minute, but I gave her the binky and blankie and we read a book, I turned out the light and laid her down and shut the door. She fell asleep.

    She's been doing really well sleeping actually. I'm sure Iz will get used to it again. She may be entering the 8-9 month sleep thing. We had problem with naps for about 2 weeks in that age range. Not that she would cry, but that she would just play in there. I don't know what it was. When is Isobel's birthday again? She'll be 9 months right? That might be it.

  3. I am going to chime in on this one. May daghter Laney is just barely 9 months. Lucky for me she has always been a pretty good sleeper. I will say though that since being able to crawl and pull to standing she hasn't been as easy to put down to sleep.

    I still do the same thing though. I lay her in bed and give her her blankie. I put another blanket on top of her and say good-bye. She is usually moving around before I shut the door. I can now hear her in bed for 15 to 20 minutes making noise. She just plays around in there. She will start to fuss a little bit and then she goes to bed. On occassion she cries, but not the I am hurt cry. More like, the how dare you close the door on me cry. I just leave her in there. If she really is upset, I will go in and calm her down after 5 minutes or so but I don't get her out of her bed.


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