Tuesday, January 30, 2007

initial birthday party

Have you started thinking about the big 1 year old birthday party yet? I haven't...but mabye I should after finding this amazing idea: an initial party.

It’s as easy as ABC to plan a party using the initial of the birthday child. Kids can cut out and decorate card-stock letters for invitations. Rubber-stamp a border on a paper tablecloth, and hang card-stock initials like streamers (print out letters from your computer to trace). Monogrammed cookies adorn cupcakes. Create “name-brand” drinks by coloring in a stencil on patterned paper in marker (affix with double-sided tape).
Initial Favors
Use your guests’ initials, too: Stencils mark each kid’s favor; inside the boxes are rubber stamps and stationery. You’ll need a white box (available at crafts stores) and paper stencils (sold in hardware stores). Cut a piece of construction paper slightly smaller than the lid; affix the paper and stencil to lid with a glue stick. Fill box with note cards and envelopes, rubber stamps, and gummy letters. Secure lid with colored rubber bands.
We also put guests’ initials on t-shirts using iron-on transfer paper for ink-jet printers; follow the package instructions.


  1. I LOVE this! I'm totally going to go with an "A" theme for her little family party. That is so helpful Kelli...thanks! I can't wait. I love the table cloth in the picture with E's on it.

  2. I love this idea too.

    Missy, I think the "A" is a very strong and distinct initial for this party. You should definitely copy this idea.


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