Friday, January 19, 2007

Built NY

...a bag and accessory company.. claims to solve problems with style. Although their "adult" neoprene water bottle holder (that will fit a Nalgene) appeals to me in the best way, one of my favorite finds is their new baby collection: bibs, bottle holders (double or single) and snack packs. How could it not with it's machine washable, drip-dry, stain resistant material and it's look that exudes "cool mom" vibes?
Cole uses both their "Tidy Bib" and their "Comfy Bib" and we're definitely ready for a "Hungry Tote" and a "Thirsty Tote."

Built NY.


  1. Fits a Nalgene bottle? I'm sold.

  2. PS: Attach the 32 oz with a caribeaner to your diaper bag and you're set. I love that site. Just spent much too long on it.


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