Friday, February 1, 2008

layla grayce.

Layla Grayce is a collection of "never mainstream but always functional" products for women, children and home that make our homes and lives beautiful. We like their search for quality and unique, and even more so, support their philanthropy.
"We are committed to supporting women. We wish that life was easier than it is. We attempt to relieve the strain of life through donating to several organizations that assist women and families. We recognize that we are fortunate women and hope to bring joy in to other’s homes."
If you tend to lean more modern than shabby chic, be sure to browse their new modern nursery and kids department. A couple of my favorites:

Nurseryworks Kids Bedding in Globe Flower Tisket

Layla Grayce is currently easily accessible in our sidebar.


  1. I love the moses basket too. I am totally going to get that when I have another baby.

  2. LOVE that diaper bag. And moses baskets are so classy.

  3. Seems like the moses basket is all the rave these days. Very cute. I love the crisp white bedding too.

  4. now THAT is a moses basket i would actually display and not just use to store stuffed animals!! beautiful stuff.


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