Monday, February 18, 2008


We loved hearing about Babyccino blog, the latest "community" for mothers in the city. The appeal? They're real women, all friends, now spread across Europe: London, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan. Babyccino has become their forum to continue to discuss life in the city, kids, style and products they love. Even better- you're invited. All women and mothers, (etc.) are welcome to take part in talks about romance with toddlers, the latest stroller (buggy) buzz, or their insight into a full week guide of their city. We love internationalism. I crave diversity and was thrilled about the idea of sharing a bit more about the women behind the blog. {Because reading Babyccino does leave me wanting to know even more..} Follow us throughout the week for a peek into a day in the life of... Courtney, Esther, Emilie and Michela. It's an exciting tour.


  1. Thanks girls, for the cool intro to our blog!
    xxx Esther

  2. Hey thats GREAT, Im going to read read read.
    Being somewhat of an international mother myself. Being a New Zealander married to an American, living in Bologna, Italy - with 2 children, both born in NZ one with a British father, the other with my American husband.. We are an eclectic mix of cultures and customs. Lucky us!


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