Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Belly Sock

When pregnant, a high quality, comfortable product that allows you to still be fashionable is something that every woman should have. The Belly Sock meets all these qualifications.

The Belly Sock slips over your growing belly allowing you to wear all of your non-maternity tops through your entire pregnancy. You can pull it down or up and have full control on what feels most comfortable to you. It also can be worn postpartum when you're still transitioning back to your pre-pregnancy clothing.

They also offer a wonderful Nursing Sock that creates extra coverage on your back and belly when nursing, allowing you to be more relaxed and bond with your little one, rather than worry about what you're exposing. I love that the baby doesn't need to be hot and uncomfortable under a blanket.

Their new line of Belly and Nursing socks {coming soon!} are made with 100% soft organic cotton with an array of colors and sizes to choose from. The cotton is so soft and breathable you forget you have it on. Both the Belly and the Nursing sock give great over all coverage and you can't go wrong with lovely organic cotton.

Belly Sock is offering Tangled and True readers $5 off on your next purchase. Simply enter in the code: belly5 upon check out.


  1. I own several belly socks or bands and they are so wonderful! They were what helped me nurse my second baby as long as I did. No more buying another wardrobe just for nursing, just slip a band under ANY top and you are good to go! I HIGHLY reccomend them!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm heading right over to check it out :)


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