Friday, February 15, 2008

westcoast baby.

Layette represents everything fresh and pure that came into my life with my newborn {nearly two years ago. wow..}. I only ever wanted the best for Cole, but unfortunately I was quick to be enthusiastic about an occasional pair of Diesel-esque jeans and baby Vans. He survived dress-up, but if I were to do it all over? I would embrace the 100% cotton, 100% comfortable, 100% layette wardrobe that simplifies the new beginning for both baby and parent.

Westcoast Baby is the supermodel for layette done perfectly. I've been envying their New Beginnings line for months now, thrilled about the easy-on-the-eyes design, the refreshing color options and kimono style wraps that together create a dreamy company and product. Snapless, zipperless, and buttonless outfits mean less fuss and panic, which with a newborn, can never be underappreciated!

When you thought it couldn't get better, they do the work for you. The nesting kits {recently redesigned} come complete with a Infant kimono Wrap, Infant Beanie Hat and Cocoon Blanket, making for the ideal gift or hospital bag ensemble. I celebrate simplicity.


  1. love that kimono style wrap - it makes me want another baby!

  2. I love the kimono outfits for babies! I hated fidgeting with all of the snaps when my daughter was a newborn! I wish I had discovered these before we had her!


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