Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I couldn't pass a "tour" of the Netherlands without paying a little respect to Oilily, my all time favorite children's clothing brand... even a Dutch one. It's an overdose of design and color, perfect for a creative wardrobe. Actually, our first big baby purchase was an Oilily bag, meant to be used as our Diaper bag, bought during Boston's Newbury Street post-Christmas sale. I still love it. {It's a good brand to buy on sale.}

Pictured above: the Oilily Red V-Rolly Suitcase, new from the Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Makes me want to have a little girl and book a vacation.


  1. I too am a huge fan of oilily. It's all a bit over the top, but perfect for kids. I also adore her daughter's line Room Seven, it's a little more sedate and not quite as pricey.

  2. Carissa, thanks for the Room Seven tip! Some of those clothes are amazing.


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