Monday, February 25, 2008

coral camellia.

When I shop for my girls, I strive to find their own distinct styles. I don't want them wearing what I'll see on every girl in the neighborhood. I like the look of handmade and I am particularly drawn to one-of-a-kind. Coral Camellia incorporates all that I look for when I'm dressing Lily and Stella. Their Anthropologie-esque style caused my heart to almost skip a beat. Brilliant combinations of bright colors and vintage fabrics make every piece truly unique.

Sarah Ross, the creative genius behind Coral Camellia, began sewing when she was pregnant with her daughter. Unsatisfied by the lack of quality choices many stores had to offer along with her desire to create superior clothing lead her to the sewing machine. What started as a project blossomed into a passion and Coral Camellia was born.

Among my favorites:

Betsy Birdseed Dress

Mena Coriander Branch Dress

Organic Birds Tee & Chestnut Pant Set

While using the highest quality fabrics with unique designs, Sarah works in vintage buttons and fabrics where possible, giving each item it's own individuality and guaranteeing no two items are the same. If you see something you really love, but it is in the wrong size, send Sarah an email and she'll be happy to work up something special for you.

extra goodness: Coral Camellia is offering Tangled and True readers a 20% discount on all orders. Simply enter code TT20 at checkout.


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