Monday, February 11, 2008

imagination station.

Bella Tunno, previously featured (and favored) on Tangled and True, is back with the newest of fresh baby basics:

the Designer Diner, $22.

Instant on-the-go entertainment is invaluable. I'm sure any parent would agree. The kind of invaluable that saves you from toying with the idea of feeding the toddler sugar packets while that meal is still too many minutes away.

While this funky, wipe-clean placemat on one side and reusable chalk mat on the other proves perfect for table tops, my big eater also comes with a massive imagination, with coloring being his favorite pastime. A 12 piece box of non-toxic colored chalk and detachable chalk pouch (all included) are sure to save an extra-long car trip or doctor's office wait from becoming, well, toddler crazy.

With code: TANGLED20, save 20% on any Bella Tunno purchase. It's worth it!

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