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Esther has two kids: Sara (2 1/2) and Pim (turns 1 this month). She is Dutch and living in Amsterdam

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*Breakfast in the Netherlands is extensive! There are different sorts of sliced bread or buns in a basket (toasted or not). On the table, there will be butter, cold cuts (i.e. ham, chicken, sausage), one or two big pieces of Dutch cheese (yes, with cheese slicer!), and a variety of sweet toppings (jam, apple butter, chocolate sprinkles). Everybody makes their own ‘boterham’ (sandwich). Even my 11 months old eats his boterham, with cream cheese or pâté and cut in pieces. My 2 ½ year old loves chocolate sprinkles, but has to eat a boterham with a savoury topping first. We often have a soft boiled egg with it, and drink coffee and orange juice (the children drink milk).

I must say I’m very lucky as my husband always takes care of breakfast in the morning so I can have some extra sleep (I’m not much of a morning person, to be honest).

Clothing style?
*Trendy and comfortable: skinny jeans, cool sneakers (Ash, Emma Hope), leather jacket or cashmere cape. No heels while pushing the pram!
(But for evenings I like to dress up, and the heels will come out of the closet!)

Your #1 makeup/skincare item?
*I use Shiseido's tinted moisturizer every single day!

Your favourite local children’s’ clothing brand?
*A very cool Dutch brand I love is Imps&elfs.

Your favourite day time city activities?
*Honestly? With or without children: Meeting up with a girlfriend, browse through some cute shops (mostly for the kids), have a nice lunch, go to a (kid friendly) museum.
I seem to be rubbing off on my 2½ year old daughter, who now defines ‘shopping’ as one of her favourite activities!

What do you do on a bad weather day?

With the children, I take out the paper and paint and try to come up with a creative project (e.g. make your own caterpillar).

What's the cost of a cafe lunch for you and your kids?
*About 10 euros for 2 panini, a cappuccino and an apple juice with straw... (depending on the venue of course).

Your favorite local lunch cuisine?
*A crispy bun with cheese or meat, salad, sprouts, etc. and a LARGE cappuccino!


*I check a variety of newspapers, and love fellow Dutch girl Bloesem’s blogs.

Is it easy to live "green" in Amsterdam?

*People in the Netherlands are very well trained in recycling. In supermarkets no plastic bags are provided for free – most people bring their own bags (if you forget you can buy them for 20 cents each). Public transport is easy and affordable. Paper, glass etc. are collected separately. Car taxes are high.

But, unfortunately, the whole organic craze is only starting to hit Holland, so in the everyday supermarket you won’t be able to find a very good organic selection (but specialty stores exist, though are not very sexy like Whole Foods and the like).

Also, everyone in Amsterdam cycles everywhere. The city is well-designed for cyclists, which makes it easy. I even carry both my children on my bicycle!


Who makes dinner? A typical menu?
*I do! I love cooking, for me it is relaxation. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s more stressful, with 2 hungry children climbing in my legs!
I like roasting chicken or fish with steamed veggies, some pasta, potatoes or bread and a salad. But I also love to cook oriental, or soups, or pies – anything!

How do you kick back at the end of a long day?
*A couple of glasses of wine or a white beer. I usually end up in front of the computer, browsing a bit (we don’t have television). Or, I crawl in bed with a magazine (and my man)…

Your favorite film?
*Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was very, very intense but I can never watch it again as it made me cry non-stop for 2 days (I was pregnant at the time, I admit).
I love most films with Hugh Grant, they are just silly and funny and take my mind of off things.

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  1. Imps&Elfs was the brand of Cole's very first Easter outfit, when he was only 1 month old. Sweet memories. Love that company too.

  2. That bicycle is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

  3. i really enjoyed your entry, esther. i live in the hague! it would be fun to meet up.

    best, claire

  4. Hi Claire - send me an email through Babyccino (contact us)!


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