Tuesday, February 26, 2008

vbs #4

"Several weeks ago, we discovered that we are expecting our first child. My husband and I could not be more thrilled. This baby is something we planned for. This baby has two parents who will love him more than life itself. This baby will know my story. This baby will be the center of our universe. This baby will be another gift beyond value. This baby will call me 'Mama'......I can hardly wait."

Congratulations, Sara
. We admire your compassion, honesty and endurance. And we're thrilled to shower you today in celebration of your life and the new life you're welcoming on (or around) August 13th. Sex unknown.

Since we like a good party and all that comes with a new baby best resembles an exciting balancing act, we present our modern circus themed shower:

yay lion! invites by egg press

Now, for my favorite part: gifts! Several fantastic and modern companies are excited to celebrate you. Happy virtual opening, Sara! From them (and us) to you:

Mango Ink: $75 gift certificate for birth announcements or thank yous of your choice.
For a truly modern and refreshing take on photo cards, Mango Ink creates the perfect templates for your picture-perfect moments that deserve the spotlight. We love the Pom design to celebrate a new baby.

Hands down my most used baby gear item, this diaper changing clutch ("unfolding into a clean cushioned surface for little bottoms") is the most sturdy and functional I've seen. "It features 3 pockets with enough room for at least 2 diapers, ointments and includes a wipes container." The ideal size to throw into your favorite chic, leather Hobo bag that you're not ready to live without.

babysparewear: fashion fix in pistachio tie dye
babysparewear is the most brilliant of solutions for any on the go baby/toddler. "We call it functional fashion: cozy cotton separates packed in ready-to-go travel kits. It's everything you need for those pint-sized fashion emergencies." It's on the top of my badly want list for baby #2!

the baby bunch: yellow baby bunch, size small.
The most simply styled and originally packaged of an entire newborn layette collection, this baby bunch includes: one yellow bib, one white t-shirt, one yellow hat, two pairs of socks (one yellow pair and one white pair) and one pair of white leggings. "All clothing is 100% super-soft cotton in snowy white and lemon yellow hues, generously sized for infants 0-6 months, or up to 16 lbs."

Puj: Go Sling in Florence.
Tangled and True loves Puj, whose purpose is "to make your life easier by doing our best to simplify parenthood." The Go Sling is the most stylish (think designer fabrics) and streamlined of sling designs. No straps, no buckles, no zippers and no metal rings. Just throw it over your head and you're good to go. You can even put it on while holding your baby.

MD Moms: baby silk to go travel set and baby silk delicate skin comfort liquid powder
Their philosophy: only the most gentle, pure and effective ingredients (marine silk, botanicals, Vitamins E and B5) formulated just for them. This set of perfectly packable diaper bag must haves comes in a convenient reusable carryall. Travel friendly sizes of Gentle All-Over Clean Hair and Body Wash, Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm, Delicate Skin Comfort Silky Liquid Powder, and Soothing Bottom Relief Diaper Rash Cream go everywhere you do.

Ju Ju Beane Boutique: cherry red guitar long sleeved 2 piece set by Orange Cupcake
Orange Cupcake is among our Ju Ju Beane favorites. It clearly strays from pastels and baby bunnies, embracing imagination and fun "that come so naturally with childhood." Hallelujah! Their alternative clothing blends modern, iconic art with soft, comfortable materials that your infant will love.

Quilt Baby: one regular minky blanket of your choice.
Style conscious parents are safe with the bold cotton prints and ultra-soft plush minky that make up the best of baby blankets. "Double top stitched for durability and pre-washed for minimal shrinkage," Quilt Baby makes it clear that fashion and function can come hand in hand.

Chittypulga: Fleurville - Black Re-Run Micropod
Chittypulga not only proves the source for casual elegance for extraordinary kids, but also for parents with Fleurville diaper bags: "intelligent functionality, durable construction and strong fashion appeal." The Re-Run Micro Pod is great for those quick trips in the neighborhood, a last-minute errand or the fast coffee in the afternoon... Take just the strictly necessary (2 diapers, wipes case and changing mat) and leave the huge diaper bag for the all-day outing.

Sweet Taia: bean 01, flora 05 and fawn 01 hairclips. (In case you have a girl..)
We love that these are a perfectly modern and simple (read: far from frilly) way to tame the "do" for girls of any age. "Functionality proves as paramount as style does- with a velcro lining insuring that they won't slip out of even the finest baby hair."

essential organizers: the essential baby organizer: birth to one year
The simple and clean design of this proven essential organizer makes tracking the important details and memorable events of the baby's first year easy and enjoyable. (It) provides plenty of pages to track baby’s feeding, sleeping, and diapering patterns—popular topics for parents, friends, caregivers, and pediatricians during the newborn months along with useful benchmarks for what to expect as baby grows. A perfect help to capture every detail.

Rockin' Baby Sling: pouch #373, "I'll stop the world and melt for you." {For dad}
A baby carrier, marked the "fundamental baby accessory," is a must have for any parent that chooses to function with an infant. "The pouch can be worn in 5 different carrying positions to match baby’s mood and development." Read: the most rockin' (hip) of carriers.

That's a $570 modern baby essentials package!


deals and discounts for any Tangled and True reader:
babysparewear: 10% off any purchase through February 29th with code: "tangled"
chittypulga: 10% off through Sunday, March 2nd with code: "TRUEFEB08"
papage: 10% off and free shipping with code: "TANGLED08"

For those new to Tangled and True's virtual baby showers: read here to learn what they are and how to be considered to win.


  1. Congratulations, Sara! Do you happen to know what you're having yet? I hope you are feeling well and happy!


  2. Congratulations! Enjoy every moment - its the best to be a mommy!

  3. Congratulations Sara! We are excited to celebrate YOU and your new baby! We hope you enjoy all the joys that come with being a mom.

  4. Congratulations Sara. I can already tell you will be a fantastic mother! We were so thrilled to make the Puj Go sling a part of your virtual baby shower! Enjoy!

  5. Congratulations to you, Sara! We are sure it will neeever happen to you... But on the off-chance your baby spits-up, spills or has a major diaper-leak while on the go, we hope our chic & simple spare outfit can spare you a little drama... Enjoy!

  6. Congratulations Sara...our thoughts are with you at this exciting time. We are happy to be sending you a Papage Diaper Changing Clutch, "an essential part of your baby gear." We know it will make life much easier while you are on the go with your baby and keep you in style too!


  7. Congratulations. What a fun time for you. Lovely gifts you have received.

  8. Congratulations, Sara! Your photo is beautiful! You're beaming (and for good reason...motherhood is magnificent!)! :)

  9. Found your site today - your virtual baby showers are truly a great idea! Your site is inspiring - I will tell others. Keep it up!

  10. Oh you guys have seriously made my day! Thank you all so much for all your love! I love every one of the gifts and am so grateful to all of you! Thank you so much! I am so excited to be a mom! I find out tomorrow what we are having so I will keep you all updated! ; ) Thank you again!

  11. Congrats to you Sara!!
    Cherish everything! From the sleepless nights to college graduation...Children are life's best blessing!

  12. Congratulations Sara! We hope you enjoy every fabulous moment of motherhood (well mostly fabulous)...it's an adventure!

    Hope the rockin' red guitar Orange Cupcake set gives you and your baby many smiles with its vivid imagery! Enjoy!

  13. Such great stuff! Thanks for another fabulous shower!


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