Thursday, February 21, 2008


Michela has two kids: Tomasso (nearly 3) and Beatrice (2 months). She is Italian and living in Milan.


What's a typical breakfast for you and your family?
*My 2.5 year old son has a bottle of milk and then snacks on a couple of biscuits (cookies), I’ll have a cup of tea (no milk) and biscuits my husband has an espresso at home and then a cappuccino with croissant at the café next to the office.

*I’m not very regular, but I like a Total Body Workout in a local gym that is taught by my sister’s dance teacher. She is tough and the class is never boring. I’d love to have a treadmill at home though (jogging in Milan is everything but healthy).

Clothing style?
*Boot cut jeans and a turtle neck, with camper shoes.

Your #1 makeup/skincare item?
Touche Eclat by YSL.

*I like my children’s clothing to be without weird prints, rhinestones or cheesy embroidery… so I’ll shop around for simple plain stuff which is not too expensive. I’ll mix and match from Petit Bateau, Du Pareil au Meme, Benetton, H&M and Zara. Will get some GAP, Old Navy or Ralph Lauren stuff from american Ebay or on the odd trip to London. Here and then I would treat my kids (and me!) to some nice piece from Moe.

What you don't leave the house without?
*Bottled water and my mobile phone.

What's the cost of a cafe lunch for you and your kids?
*In a cafe we could spend between 5 and 10 euros each.

Your favorite day time city activities?
*Walking around town doing a bit of shopping (if I just have my newborn daughter with me, and I’m not working).

What do you do on a bad weather day?
*Stay at home, read books and watch a Pixar dvd with my older son.

What's your creative outlet?
*I’m not very creative, I love to cook and do a bit of cross-stitching.

*I read Italian newspapers everyday and I also like the Observer website. I read their Women and Food Monthly regularly... It makes me feel closer to London!

Is it easy to live "green" in Milan?
*Not too easy, and not really encouraged. We recycle plastic, paper, glass and cans. We try to use a lot of energy saving light-bulbs and when we finally bought a car we got a petrol Euro4 (low emission).

I make dinner, even though my husband is a decent cook.

A typical menu?
*A nice pasta and a salad.

How do you kick back at the end of a long day?
*Having a white beer as an aperitive and if kids allow me by surfing the web, watching Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty or reading a nice book.

Your favorite film?
*Difficult to choose, I have to admit that 4 Weddings and a Funeral is probably the one. Sex and the City (the movie), it's not out yet... but I know I will love it!

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