Friday, February 29, 2008

baby emi jewelry.

Lily has worn a bracelet since the day she was born. I remember the first baby bracelet I ever saw, so tiny and perfect, dainty but not over done. I knew my future girls would wear bracelets from that moment on. I had that same feeling when I saw the baby emi anklets from their cambodian line.

The History Behind Cambodian Jingle Bells Jewelry: For thousands of years Cambodian mommies have adorned the feet of their precious babies with silver anklets that have small bells attached to them. This tradition is still alive as Emi's grandmother (who is from Cambodia) gifted her with her first baby anklets at her birth.

Jingle Bells Bracelet

The Cambodian Jingle Bells jewelry is simple and timeless. The delicate jingle will delight young girls of any age (including you!). Along with Kelli, I love internationalism, and believe baby emi jewelry is a great way to share the Cambodian culture with my girls.

All Tangled and True readers receive 10% off your purchase with code "TNT10" {enter at checkout}. Thank you baby emi jewelry!


  1. ooooh LOVE LOVE LOVE! Going over to plan my use of that discount right now!

  2. so pretty, these make me wish i had girls!

  3. So cute! I went to high school with Debbie (the girl who owns this company). Super sweet girl.

  4. I put a little bracelet on my girls too...and I do it when they are young. That way, they don't notice it and don't pull it off. I love how feminine it makes them look.


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