Friday, February 15, 2008

your conscience.

If you're worried about global warming, hoping to protect our shorelines, helping to save animals or dreaming of world peace, wear that cause on your sleeve.

While Your Conscience is busy creating eco conscious fashions that promote saving and protecting the environment and donating a percentage of their sales to relevant environmental organizations you can be taking a stand for something you believe in.

Made with 100% Ringspun Cotton these tee shirts are super soft, feminine and flattering. Promoting these causes is something I'm happy to wear on my sleeve!

*When you purchase any Your Conscience product they donate $5 to your choice of one of four environmental organizations.


  1. The woman wearing the bicycle shirt used to be a manager at Pottery Barn.

  2. I love the bike shirt. And the idea of wearing a message.. kind of like the "Red" campaign which I LOVE.

  3. Can I just say, that baby is gorgeous?!


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