Wednesday, December 12, 2007

casting call...

Maybe you're a mother. Maybe you love to write, and you equally love modern, simple, pretty and organic {think: tangled and true style}. Maybe you're in the know when it comes to fantastic {but not overplayed} music, gourmet recipes, the newest of {modern} baby products or the latest news/events in the world of anything woman. Maybe you're an avid reader and are dying to share the best novel ever. Or a crafter with truly amazing ideas. Maybe you're a fashionista and know just where to find the perfect pair of flats or stud earrings. And maybe you're hoping for a project that will bring you back to what you've always loved: telling stories, sharing what makes you happy and healthy and connecting with a world of women and mothers outside of your usual group of friends.

Anything ring true? Would you be excited about exposure and creativity and reason enough to buy some really lovely file folders just because you're nearly a professional? I hope so. Because Tangled and True (well, me- I) am ready to launch an experiment. A call for some new Tangled and True voices; a week or so of posting your posts/ideas/genius-ness. And if all goes well for both of us, maybe I won't want to fend without you and {via a friendly invitation}... you'll choose to stay around.

Here's the deal: if you truly do subscribe to what Tangled and True is {let's say you answered yes three times- namely to being a mother, loving to write and one or two others..}, and you would be serious about wanting to eventually become a permanent part of the blog:
*send in a short bio {including how you think you can compliment t&t} and
*at least one sample post; a typical post that I can in turn publish for all to read and enjoy.
[I would love to accept more than one post per person and there is no guarantee that your sample post will in fact be published {although I do hope to feature each one I receive!}. Oh, and please choose something that hasn't yet been posted on this blog.]
*any questions you have for me that are not answered below.
[Put read me in the subject line for all submissions.]

[note: these aren't legitimate frequently asked questions because this idea is new and therefor I haven't yet received any questions at all...]
do I qualify? Probably. It doesn't matter where you live or how long you've been a mother or how well you make meatloaf. You'll know if you fit.
what's in this for me? Let's be honest. You're either a blogger or you're not. I do it because I love the outlet, the creativity, the freedom of expression, sharing what I love, meeting you- my readers, and supporting company owners and artists. Product reviews are of course a fun incentive.
will I be paid? I am not paid for writing, so I have nothing to share with you. But.. maybe with a bit of inspiration, that will change. And whatever project we share that turns profitable, we will share in profit.
if I become a t&t regular, how often will I post? This will all depend on how many contributors my experiment will turn up and how specialized your posts are. For example, if you choose to highlight worthy reads, I wouldn't ask you to come up with a new novel daily. I'm all for flexibility. [Ultimately, I try for at least 2-3 new posts/day in total.]
...will I have any responsibilities aside from daily posts? Product reviews, giveaways, virtual baby showers, returning emails, initiating contacts and daily posts {among others} are all a necessary part of making this blog a success. Initially, {daily} posts will be your only responsibility. After we've established your commitment, etc., and you're hoping for more, I would love to pass along products to review, giveaways to write and additional projects to create and execute.
why are you doing this? I love change. What better way to refresh a good thing? And sure.. maybe I'm getting a little lonely.

Hope to hear from you...

photo via Real Simple online.


  1. i'm a fledgling blogger, I can answer "yes" to many of your questions, I think I found you via stephmodo, whom I discovered thanks to one of her know, that bloggy ripple effect things. Me: I dig the TnT!

  2. sounds like a great idea! i love to blog and love to READ your blog but could never post like you do. guess i'll just keep reading!

  3. Good luck on your search! If only I was as diligent and creative as you... I might enter.

  4. Good for you, Kelli! It will be nice to bring in another set of hands (I know it helped me tremendeously).

    Good luck and best wishes,

  5. this sounds like something I would like to do...hmmmm

  6. What an exciting change! I am excited to see who these new posters will be. :)

  7. Kim and Erica, be sure to email me! :)

    Emily and Lynette, readers are just as important as writers. So, thanks. And Lynette.. you, my friend, are the creative one.

    Jesseca, maybe a "how to create amazing things" post?

    Sarah- are you sure you don't want a little side project on top of Master E.?

    Was that enough encouraging??

  8. OK, I'm gonna give it a try. I'll send an email shortly, but remember, NO laughing. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Sher :)

  9. It's me again, Sher :). I'm almost ready to send my bio and a sample, but can't find your email address. I'm probably just missing it, but could you let me know where you'd like me to send it? Thanks

  10. Ya know, I really wish we could edit our comments, cuz I would delete 2 of the 3 that Ive left. :) Please disregard the one asking for your email. I found it. *lol*

  11. Kelli, I am neither a mother nor a blogger, so nyet nyet to most questions. But hey, it was fun to read your blog and see what you are up to. We really missed you on Kilimanjaro - reminded us of the Turkey trip!

    a surprise hi from Calgary.....


  12. Pat {and family}- hello! You don't have to be a mother or a blogger to stop by and read. I always love a surprise hello. And you don't know how much I wish I was on Kilimanjaro with all of you. It's a dream of mine. We hear it was wonderful. We'll have to do another adventure sometime soon so you can meet Bradley and Cole.

    Thanks for saying hi! -Kelli

  13. Greetings!

    I sent you an e-mail, but I am not sure if it was to the right place.


  14. I'd love to contribute but I don't think I have what it takes yet. Just stopping by to say hello!


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