Thursday, December 27, 2007


{Merry, as in Christmas}.
Don't ask.

I am actually a bit shy, so blogging is a perfect medium
for me. But since I'm shy, I am at a loss of what to
say about myself. Therefore, here are several
random interview questions
to illuminate you as to who I am.

Q: What was the last thing that made you belly laugh?
A: I can't remember, but it was definitely something
one of my two kids {girl age 8, boy age 3} said.
They are both hysterical.

Q:Where do you do your best thinking?
A: On the treadmill, or the pavement. I have so many
great thoughts and ideas while I'm running!
It's got to be all those endorphins pumping through my veins.

Q: Of what moment or time in your life are you most proud?
A: Graduating from college. I marched across the stage 5
months pregnant carrying my I.V. I made it across the platform
without passing out, and I was so pleased not to have used a
wheelchair! It was a tricky pregnancy, and I was so proud of
myself for sticking it out and graduating.

Q: What are your most prominent personality traits? Which of
your children seem to have these traits? Are there any you
wish your kids wouldn't develop?
A: I'm definitely compassionate, and articulate. Two
things I'm happy to say have rubbed off on my daughter.
She is a procrastinator for sure though,
{definitely something she learned from me}.
Hopefully I can break her of this before college.

Q: You are stranded on a desert island and only have 3 books to
read. What would you like to have with you?
A: Only three?!! A Separate Peace,
Franny & Zooey, &
The Norton Anthology of American Literature
{there is so much good stuff in there}.
But honestly, I would need someone to ship me
a few crates full. And even still, it would be
very lonely without all my books around.

Q: What TV shows are you embarrassed to admit you watch?
A: Ugly Betty, Backyardigans
{I have to beg my 3 year old to watch it}.

Q: If you had the ability to travel/live anywhere with no financial
limitations where would you go?
A: Definitely Greece. Although hopefully in the very near
future we will be temporarily relocating to Warsaw, Poland
{the home of my husband}. I am anxious for my children
to be fluent and speak with their father in his native tongue.
{And urban international living has a nice ring to it doesn't it?}

Q: If your life were a movie, what genre would it be?
A: Definitely not a romantic comedy. But probably a really
sweet romantic drama. I am so settled, peaceful, and
utterly happy with my 2 beautiful babies,
my amazing husband,
my home
{wherever they are}.


  1. My husband served his mission in Poland and we went back to visit three years ago. It was beautiful! And so cheap after spending a few days in London/Paris/Prague. Sounds like an adventure!

  2. I LOVE urban international living. I hope you make it to Greece or Poland! It sounds like you're bound to go with an international husband. How perfect!

    Were you an english major? I love books as well. I need to pick up reading daily again.

    Fun to meet you!


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