Friday, December 14, 2007

mod mom.

You might remember this search? I was determined to make it happen and was thrilled to learn {days after that post} that Kiersten of Mod Mom Furniture had her very own and very lovely modern table design. The green? And the birch wood? And hand-craftedness? Just fantastic. In fact, I was so sure that this was what I was searching for that I quickly placed the order for my very own custom Eammon Table and Patrick chairs.

I love it. I never second guessed that the construction would be flawless and sturdy, the detail inspiring, or that Cole would take to using child-sized furniture. {His routine: running to the chair full speed just to sit all by himself and muster a 20 month old "wow"!} But what comes with purchasing Mod Mom furniture is unique: an instant follow-through, a carefulness, an enthusiasm and an easy appreciation for one talented mama working from her garage. In fact, apart from Kiersten being skillful and honest, she's friendly. And that's a nice change.

The Eamonn table is handmade from beautiful birch ply with Baltic birch (painted green) lazy Susan on the center top for easy access to crayons, markers, etc. The table easily accommodates four friends and is hand sanded for an extra soft/smooth finish.
Paint: Lazy Susan can be painted a custom color to match your decor.
Polyurethane: Low VOC, water-based, non-toxic poly

Although she has a store full of furniture deliverable outside of LA, the Eammon Table is currently only available to LA clients. {Think crazy shipping prices!} One more reason to live in California. Or a perfect excuse to take a road trip in a car with a very large trunk. [If you have any questions about shipping/delivery estimates, contact Kiersten directly.]


  1. great minds think alike...i've had this table bookmarked for awhile & just pulled it up about 30 minutes ago trying to decide if we'd get this for littlemama's xmas gift. i met kiersten at the little monster market a couple weeks ago - she's a doll! and the table is perfect.

  2. You finally got it! It is beautiful--good choice.


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