Saturday, December 29, 2007

bare escentuals

I was recently in New York City, where I happened upon Sephora. I immediately fell in love with everything in the store, but I particularly loved Bare Escentuals, and their bare Minerals foundation. Not only does it make you look amazing, (and who doesn't need a little help after a long night with a little one?) it's made with crushed minerals which are actually good for your skin, and it's SPF 15, so you're covered on both counts. I have my eye on their 'Get Started Kit' which includes everything you need to look & feel beautiful. $60.


  1. i LOVE this makeup. i've been wearing it for about 7 years now. you can also get it at Ulta & on QVC. :)

  2. I'm with you, Leslie. I've been wearing it for 6 years and I WILL NOT wear anything else--ever again!

  3. I just bought the starter kit at Nordstrom for some family pictures. I know it's a craze right now, but I've NEVER worn foundation and a mineral powder foundation was a perfect option for me. It's lovely. And all natural, which I love. [If only I knew that I could pay $60 versus $75 for the kit!]

    and p.s. Their lipgloss- the sticky kind that stays on for those special occasions. I got it in my stocking and am a fan.

  4. I LOVE THIS... my sister in law is a manager at their counter in the provo, ut nordstroms!!! There is nothing better!!!

  5. I use this makeup as well. The minerals in it leave a fresh, unheavy feel on your face. Can't stand the powder some brands are selling now adays. This is good though!


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