Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm almost through the diaper bag stage of my second child and still have not found what I would consider to be an ideal bag. I've noticed the loom bags in a couple different shops in our area and think they might pass the test. The bandicot convertible backpack has a detachable joey clutch. Perfect for storing all your necessities and easy to un-clip when you're going out without baby. It's sleek and classic with plenty of room. Oh how I love a diaper bag that is created with mom in mind.


  1. I love how you can choose the colors of both the bandicot and joey! And that joey.. I've seen this removable purse idea tried on diaper bags before, but that is actually one I would buy and use all on it own. It's great!

  2. i've been carrying a bandicoot bag for over a year now - i got it just before my second child was born. It's great - definately a clever and very practical design with the detachable clutch. It's a great size for storing just the necessities for a few hours park outting - and it sits really comfortably against my body - not bulky at all. I highly recommend it! I hear they've redesigned it a bit...slighly larger and with magnets.

  3. I love this diaper bag - I have the brown/pink version and it is so so cute. I love the feature of removing the purse - I use it all the time when I go somewhere without my son.


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