Thursday, April 3, 2008

comptoir d'enfance.

European toys have an unparalleled quality and design about them that is just delightful. Color and timelessness and imagination is what childhood is about and I'm always thrilled to bring a bit of that (sans plastic and Pooh) into our trying to be world-minded home. So naturally, a French boutique in California is an exceptional idea to us. Comptoir d'Enfrance is a dream of an online shop, selling many of the traditional French characters (remember Babar, Elmer and the Little Prince?), but also loads of amazing decor and toys with unique French style and design.
Comptoir d’enfance offers a selection of products from well established manufacturers, such as Vilac, who have built wooden toys for more than 80 years, but also from modern artists such as Fleur de Kookyse, Atelier LZC, les Invasions éphémères or Mimi'lou… all well renown in France for the quality of their fun and colorful products.
A couple of my favorites are above, but I'm especially drawn to the wall decals. There is an amazing selection of whimsy at its best.

Fleur de Kookyse, a famous French designer that often appears in decoration magazines, says, "your walls are quiet : they deserve fun !" Cole now wakes up to the magic of bubbles. He loves what he affectionately calls "bubble boy" and I love the unique decor. Kids and Bubbles is available in grey, plum and turquoise. $30.


  1. I love the selection of toys and some of those wall decals are definitely call our name!

  2. This is a wonderful puzze. I love it!

  3. Kelli, I just purchsed some wall decals (for both Presley and the new baby, flowers and butterlies pretty girly stuff). I would love to come see how yours went up.

    I love the bubbles!

  4. Of course, Tara! It was actually pretty easy. Fun.. I'm excited to see what you got.

  5. There's a great selection of these wooden toys from vilac on their U.S. website:


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