Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm a reader. Maybe it's more like I used to be a reader, but even though I don't have the time to go through multiple novels a week anymore, it's still a passion that loves to surface. And Cole has quickly followed suit. He has two very large book baskets and we dig into both daily. He's at the phase where he remembers favorite words or phrases and repeats them over and over as he reads to him self. Simply, there's little cuter than hearing my two year old manage "eyebrows hairy" as he flips each page of That's Not My Monster. (A perfect throw-in-your-bag book!)

Usborne Books
are a classic go-to for most learning stages, beginning with touch and feel, which maybe parallels my phase of only wanting to read The Guinness Book of World Records in 3rd grade, to first pictures

First Picture Trucks

and then look and say.

Look and Say Vacation

They're well done, easy teaching tools and come in a huge variety. Luckily, I found a online Usborne sales consultant ( that has a fantastic selection and wants to offer all Tangled and True readers 10% off already lovely prices. Simply enter code: "Tangled10" at checkout. Expires May 9th (30 days).

Thanks, blooming-babies!


  1. we're always on the lookout for new books. we'll definitely check these out!

  2. Usborne has fantastic books! We've got "That's Not My Monster" and "That's Not My Truck," among others.

  3. We have "That's Not My Pirate"- my daughter loves it!

  4. We LOVE the "That's not my...." series. They are great for babies (starting around 6 months) for when they start to want to touch everything!
    We have a whole collection...

  5. We have the library's Spanish copy of "That's Not My Monster" right now and we own "That's not my Dragon." It was a lot of fun when my 2 year old was smaller and she'd love to sit and feel the pages with my help. It's even more fun now when she sits in my lap with her 1 month old brother and helps him feel the pages!

  6. recently had an Usborne party (think Tupperware). I have always enjoyed their books but was drawn to them because I was having trouble finding original fairy/folk tales (ex. the gingerbread man is eaten in the end) with nice pictures. Usborne does!!!! They also have great books all the way up to high school. Especially reference books!

  7. I am so glad everyone is loving Usborne Books! Let me know if anyone is interested in being an Usborne Books consultant. It is a great way to make extra money and sell a product that we all love!



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