Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tips Day 3


$~ Watch for double coupon days. Some stores always allow you to use multiples on one item while others have specific days set up to do that.

$~ The first Sunday of the month generally has the most coupons in your newspaper.

$~ Create an email just for special offers. If a website says you have to at least give an email before giving you $15.00 worth of coupons give that email you set up and not only do you get the coupons, but you avoid the junk mail.

$~ Go to the websites of the brands you use. Most have additional coupons. Print them only as you need them in case they have it set up where you can only print once from that site.

$~Go to the websites of the stores you use. Many have additional coupons on their own site. For example, Smith's has a way to get more coupons, but you load them automatically to your card so when you scan it at the register it will take off the coupon without you worrying about bringing a clipped coupon along.

~ Swap coupon books or just coupons with friends. If you have a friend or neighbor who is using coupons give them yours that you wont be using and you take theirs. You might get more of a coupon you really need and vice versa. We haven't bought diapers since Peysie was like 19 months old, but I have plenty of friends with brand new little ones that need diapers!

$~ Just like with the newspapers many stores will give you coupon booklets they are about to throw out. Just ask!

$~ Look for websites to print coupons for free like, ( is similar),, and etc

$~ Most stores have coupons in little plastic holders or electronic devices around the store. Grab them as you are shopping.

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