Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last, but not least...

Online Programs

(You do not have to use an online progrom, ads from the store work too. Google programs in your area if you are not in Utah or Arizona and need to use a different site than what I posted)

Every area is different with it's programs. I have compared about 10 sites like, Grocerysmarts, Couponsense, Savvyshopperdeals, Grocerygame, Couponmom, and Pinchingyourpennies to name a few. You really do need to check them out and find what works for you.

$~ Watch for sites that let you search by individual item, coupon, sale and store.

$~ Some sites like couponsense have instructors that you can email with questions and that send you updates on good finds in your indivual area and also have tutorials and classes to take for free!

~ A good site will tell you how much you are going to be saving. This could be in dollar form or by percentage. I love it when a site has "Best Buys" and "Free" areas or notifications. You can click on that tab and it will show you all of the items that are going at ridiculously low prices with the coupon or that will end up free! My sister-in-law has even had a store OWE her money at the end of a purchase because of how she used her coupons with certain sales.

$$$$ ~ One last random tip... We always come home and place the exact amount we saved into our savings account and then we don't touch it. The point is to save money and in the begining it was all too easy to say I saved $80.00 today, let's go to Williams Sonoma and shop!! This way you keep that money you saved!

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