Thursday, December 11, 2008

Questions and Answers

Many of you have asked some great questions and I wanted to make sure to answer them. I hope this helps!

Q~ Do you go to many different stores to grocery shop?

A~ Yes and no. I almost always go to only one grocery store, but every now and again I will go to two or once I even went to three stores in one week. If I notice that there are some amazing sales and I can stockpile I will go to more, but I only do this every now and again. (I live right by three stores and so it's easier, plus walgreens always goes low with prices and with a coupon it ends up that I get things free)

Q~ After paying for a newspaper, driving to different stores and clipping coupons are you really saving?

A~ YES!!! I only go to one store normally. If I save $70 in one trip and I only paid $29 for my newspaper then it is more than worth it!

Q~ Do you have to eat packaged foods like, Macaroni and Cheese and frozen meals?

A~ NO!!! I'll be perfectly honest, my daughter has never even had Mac-n-cheese. Not that we hate it, but it's just not something we eat. In fact if you were to look in our fridge and cupboards you would not find one single pre packed item except cereal and a cake mix. (We even prefer homemade bread, but don't worry we buy it too sometimes) If I can buy fresh produce and make everything from scratch for $70 a month anyone can.

Q~ How do you still buy produce?

A~ I buy seasonally and watch for sales. I used to think produce was one thing I couldn't save on and I was wrong. Everything goes on sale especially if you shop earlier in the day because they may put something on sale to get rid of it in order to unload a shipment. If something is not in season you will pay more so shop in season.

Q~ What are your feelings on stores like, Costco and Sam's Club?

A~ We love going to costco so we still have a membership, but I read a great article on couponsense that some newspaper did. I wish I could find it, but it basically said that once you use sales and the coupons you almost always save more than bulk buying at Costco. It did say to pay attention to what you are paying and decide which cost is better because sometimes Costco will beat the store, but usually not.

Q~ If I only want to shop once a month how can I still save money?

A~ Stockpile! The beginning is harder because you are dependent on sales and are just getting started. You may have to go twice a month in the beginning and I know that's hard, but it will be worth it.

Q~ What do your menus look like?

A~ This week we had double dip fried chicken, we were going to have paninis with pesto butter, but the pine nuts and basil weren't on sale so we had glazed pork chops, greek salad, cranberry citrus chicken, panko crusted chicken with lemon sauce, and tortellini soup. I plan one week at a time because that's just how I like it and I am very flexible in case I need to change things.

Q~ I can't ever seem to find coupons for the things I need.

A~ That is exactly how I felt in the begining. I look online at the websites of brands I use or the stores I go to. Coupons come and go so it takes time to gather a whole bunch of coupons. Just be patient and watch for them because eventually you will have too many to count.

Q~ What newspaper do you use?

A~ I am in Utah County and I get Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. I paid $29 for the year. See tips post to get a similar deal.

Q~ How do you file your coupons?

A~ Expiring, cleaning, laundry, cereal (there are too many so it gets its own), baking, cooking, packaged (pastas, croutons, salad dressings etc go in here), personal (toothpaste, soaps razors etc), beauty (lotions, facial mosturizers etc) and home (toilet paper, foil, saran wrap, bags etc). I also have a slot available for the coupons to be in when I go to the store so they are all ready to hand over.

Q~ Which websites do you use?

A~ and These are the two that I have saved the most with, but everyone has different ones they like based on what they buy.

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  1. this was such a helpful series. thanks so much cariann!


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