Thursday, December 18, 2008

the perfect doll

For the past month I have been searching for the perfect doll to give my niece this year for Christmas. Dolls are very special in my house, both of my daughters have a certain doll they sleep with every night and talk about throughout the day.
I wanted the doll to be unique, funky, cuddly, eco-friendly, handmade and colorful. To my surprise I found quite a few that fit all of the things I wanted.

Poot & Boogie dolls were my top pick, I fell in love them instantly. The dolls are individually handcrafted and prewashed and shrunk with 100% cotton and 100% wool materials, stuffed with Eco-friendly fiberfill derived from EcoCraft corn. They are “handcrafted with love and smiles” in a small house on a hobby farm in Aldergrove BC. They accept custom orders and you can purchase the dolls through Natural Pod for $34.95 each.

These Modern Rag Dolls from the Etsy shop IkdDesigns are being sold to raise funds for the owner’s upcoming Ethiopian adoption. I love how colorful and cuddly the dolls look, the owner has quite a collection of dolls that are priced at $40 each.
Here are just a few of the other wonderful dolls I found on Etsy:

Doodle Girls from Bit of Whimsyprims $32

1. Beth Ann from Madison’s Craft Nook $25
2. Fiona from Baby Bomb $35
3. Mermaid Dolls from Tiny Green Apples $30


  1. they are all very cute, I've been searching for the perfect doll on Etsy too!

  2. I love how the dolls are handmade and plastic!

  3. I love these dolls. I actually tried to make me some and I think they turned out great. (

    Another cute shop on etsy is The Black Apple, she was the one who inspired me to create the dolls i made.

  4. The dolls from Wee Babai on Etsy are my faves--so sweet and cuddly!!!

  5. Have had a "love affair" with dolls since I was little. Those are really cute dolls. I love them.


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