Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a little help...

With baby #3 on the way, I'm happy to say all is well, bed rest has been lifted and in three short weeks I will find out just what this little baby is, I am left with a dilemma. I will be moving the girls into one bedroom (this has always been the plan, even before baby) and am stuck as to what to do with their room. I've gone back and forth on color schemes orange and green? yellow? pink? and styles.... so I'm hoping all of you can give me ideas, get my creative juices flowing, email me ( or leave a comment with your favorite styles, beddings, accessories, paint colors, rooms you've seen and loved, etc. and when the room is done, I'll feature it here, of course acknowledging each part that comes from one of you (with your name if you're cool with that!) and share shops, paint colors, etc.

So let's get decorating!!!

paper latterns via land of nod



  1. Did you see the article ( I think in cookie magazine) about how to decorate a room that is shared? I totally loved that article and will use some of those ideas when we move next year! I think it was cookie...I'll go check and then let you know.

    I love this quilt, I like things Pink and green where you can calm down the pink but still be girly, also the quilt can Grow up too, with a pretty solid or floral, Or be young with the ladybugs or other cute little kid stuff. Good luck!

  3. I searched high and low for a good bed. I decided to go with Lea's Carolina bed. It is so cute, very sturdy and good quality and can be made into a bunk bed. I searched for a long time and found some site listing it for $800, but I found one site that had it for $250 (one bed). It seriously is the best little cottage-looking bed. Hope that helps. PS: I have pictures of my girl's room on my blog under "projects"

  4. hey brittany,

    congrats on number three! how exciting! so, we actually just moved into a new home a couple of months ago and i just LOVE the way my daughter's room turned out.

    i used: sherwin williams paint in shade: koi pond (the most perfect green color ever). then, did beadboard wallpaper:

    on the bottom third of her walls. it's actually paintable and everyone who's seen it can not believe it's wallpaper. it totally looks like the real thing! i got the idea from an episode of oprah. so glad i tried regrets.

    if you'd like to see a photo. just email me and i'll send one to you. good luck!!

  5. I am on a bird kick so here is my favorite room inspiration at the moment:
    (The sheets are to die for!)

    You can never go wrong with a sunny, almost buttery color for the walls, like Banana Split by Behr.

    And for furniture, IKEA wins hands down for their beds... my 4 yr old loves her platform bed!

  6. I had a ball decorating my girls bedroom. It is quite pink but if I did it again I would choose a gorgeous aqua-ey blue which looks great with accents of pink and red. I have just redone matching doona covers which I am yet to post about and would like to paint a tree beside and over the "sisters" with fabric leaves from the bedlinen. Check out their room here

  7. Ok get ready. This is going to be a lot.
    I like's bedding. It's very cute. I also like this wall hanging
    I love the art from these etsy shops to decorate the walls

    These are cool too

    I love getting furniture from different places especially vintage stores. I don't like everything to look alike so I don't have any suggestions there except your local vintage store.

    If the girls like to paint (finger, whatever) or color or draw you could hang a couple of frames that could display their artwork and rotate new artwork in when they want.

    It would be super cute to hang different colored/sized globes and other mobile-like things (non-baby-ish) over the heads of their beds or something like that that has one cool light for dimming for use before bedtime or something.

    Ok, that's all I have right now. I know it's a lot but you asked! :) Good luck and I can't wait to see what you do!

  8. oh yea PS- I LOVE these rugs. They are worth EVERY penny!
    They come in all different sizes and colors!

  9. For my nursery I was totally inspired by the new heather bailey pop garden fabric collection.


    Brittany, my little girl's nursery is in china blue, which is different for a girl I know but it turned out nicely I think :)

  11. Here's what I did to my little boy's room - It was a little bit of a crazy idea, but it worked, and I smile every time I walk by his room, even if the floor is a mess with toys...


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