Friday, September 12, 2008

Sophie the Giraffe

If you aren't already familiar with Sophie the Giraffe, let me sing its praises for a minute. It is made of natural rubber and has been handmade in the French Alps of natural rubber since 1961. My friend from Paris says it is a classic French toy and all the kids there have one. Sophie is soft, perfect for teething and is by far the most played with toy in my house. Do you find yourself scrambling for last minute baby presents? Do yourself a favor and buy three of these giraffes and keep them in your closet, thank me later.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day


  1. We LOVE Sophie! I agree, perfect item to include in any baby shower gift :)

  2. I'm adding Sophie to the list for baby #3!

  3. What'd ya know! Our oldest daughter received "her" for from an aunt living in France. Since then my twins have enjoyed her chewy cuteness also.

    I'm a faithful reader of "Oh Happy Day" - now revealed!

  4. I just saw a picture of Naomi Watts and her child on, and she was carrying one :)

  5. My son has one and LOVES it - seriously his favorite toy!!!


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