Monday, September 15, 2008

Photobooth Album

In the college town where I met my husband there was an old black and white photobooth at the local Kmart. We would always get lots of photos taken and now it is sort of a family tradition. One of our favorite family activities is to go get $20 and spend an hour taking photobooth photos. Sometimes we'll even bring a few props. It is really fun to do and when we are done I put them all in a photo album. This Kolo one is the perfect size. Skip the new digital booths and find the old kind. has a locator for old-style photobooths.

Jordan blogs everyday over at Oh Happy Day


  1. We like doing this too...but I need to be more prepared next time and grab a $20 on the way...

    Our favorite location in SLC is at the Museum of Natural History at the U of U. In their little dinosaur area they have an old booth. This is a good reminder that we need to do that again soon! Thanks Jordan~

  2. we would go to the kmart on 400n in orem to do this :) they have the good old school kind :)

  3. the sept. smithsonian magazine has an article about photobooths you might be interested in: the author of the article just published an illustrated book on the history of photobooths as well that looks like fun:

  4. how fun!

    my husband i do this when we are traveling! we have a "strip" to document our trip.

  5. I love this great. I must take my daughter in to take a few shots. thanks for the tip!


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