Saturday, January 26, 2008

sneak peek: Sayer's nursery.

We love Kristin Loffer Theiss here at Tangled and True. She's authentic, friendly and exudes incredible talent and vision. It's been exciting to follow her pregnancy just a bit via emails, receive the announcement of her beautiful son, born on January 11th, and finally get a peek into Sayer's fantastic nursery. It's inspirational, as is everything I've seen Kristin create. She says,
"The idea of Sayer has been my inspiration for all of my klt:baby collection. Now that he is here, we are able to utilize all of my previous daydreams in creating his nursery. Here is a little glimpse into his world."

"FAVORITE ITEM: ipod holder for the crib: Sayer has many playlists (view his current "day playlist" here) and loves to listen to music. This ipod holder is awesome!"

"The very unique "house changing table" is a creation from the '70's. My husband updated and tweaked an old dollhouse that my dad made me when I was little. It worked into a perfect changing table once the shag carpet, unicorn posters, and wall paper was taken out."

For more information about the products pictured, they're listed here. The Black and White Flights of Fancy mobile might stand my favorite.

Congratulations, Kristin! And welcome, little Sayer.

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  1. There are so many things I love about this nursery. I think my very favorite things are the giant S on the wall, how on earth did they do that? And the doll house conversion! The nursery is beautiful and perfect. Welcome Sayer and congrats to Kristin!


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