Monday, January 28, 2008


I love knowing of new and improved baby gear. The essentials done responsibly but equally beautifully is my constant search. My latest favorite is Honeywear: a company "founded upon the nurturing of children and the environment, our two most important and precious resources." Simply, they've designed a baby sling that's "easy to use and elegant." Even more, all Baby Bee Slings are made of 100% natural fabrics and lined in 100% organic un-dyed cotton sateen (the best of the best).
What makes the honeywear sling so different?
Our unique design and quality construction can only be found in a honeywear sling. The adjustability with the pull cord system on the pouch creates the ability for any child to be comfortably carried by his or her parents. The buckle on the shoulder strap allows for easy transfer from parent to parent without disturbing a sleeping baby. We use only organic and all natural fabrics. We believe in top quality products and strong family values.

my choice: razz mauve silk dupioni, $120

I have to add that the padded shoulder straps and complete adjustability for many different holds and stages (think newborn to 30lb toddler) makes the idea of baby-wearing convenient and comfortable. See the 11 unique fabric options here.

Thank you, Christen.


  1. EYES OF THE WORLD ORGANIC COTTON SATEEN is my favorite of the slings. Looks like a great one to try out!

  2. love it! that mauve silk dupioni one is my favorite.


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